A journey to light with Lucian

An online live-stream seminar that is addressed to children 4-12 years old, realised in English by Dr Penny Hatziefstratiou- Michelinaki. The aim of the seminar is to introduce the concept of light & lighting to children. Together with Lucian, the main character of Penny’s book “Lucian’s first dream. A journey to light” we will learn in an interactive way the basic concepts related to light. In addition, we will find out what people in Ancient Greece believed about light. Finally, we will look at the applications of light and lighting at this period of time.

The seminar is appropriately designed for different age groups. It aims at introducing the concept of light & lighting through interactive story telling and presentation. The very interesting information that children will receive, will be a powerful stimuli for drawing for the 2nd Drawing International Contest for Children organised by Dr Penny Hatziefstratiou- Michelinaki and “Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology”, included in the official site of the International Day of Light, by UNESCO! The topic of the contest is “Light in Ancient Greece” (deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2022).

Therefore, there are two options for you to select:

  • Online live- stream seminar on light & lighting by Dr Penny Hatziefstratiou Michelinaki (45min)
  • Web tour of Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology (45 min) followed by the Online live-stream seminar on light & lighting by Penny Hatziefstratiou Michelinaki (45 min)

Please note that video recording is not allowed in any case.

For more information & prices please contact pennyslightseminar@gmail.com telling us how many children will participate in either of the above two options.

For more information about the 2nd Drawing International Contest for Children, please visit https://pennyslightseminar.com/2nd-drawing-contest/

For more information about Dr Penny Hatziefstratiou Michelinaki, please visit www.pennymichelinaki.com

For more information about Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology please visit www.kotsanas.com

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